How to fill your IMM5744E consent form?

Please use this guide to fill your IMM5744E consent form.

Please ensure the following before submitting your consent form:

  • You are required to provide your consent form with the signatures of every applicant who is 16 years or older.
  • The document must be printed before signing. eSignatures are no longer accepted.
  • Only original signatures signed in BLUE are accepted.
  • Each individual of the age 16 or over is required to sign the form. This is mandatory.
  • Applicant signatures must be consistent with their signatures on their passports.
  • The consent form must include the date of signing.
  • The ‘Your designated individual’s information’ section must NOT be modified.

Download your CBSA consent form from this URL.

Download your IRCC consent form from this URL.

Your completed consent form must be uploaded using the webform available on this page.

You will receive an application tracker link after the submission of your consent form. Protection Status