Difference between GCMS notes from IRCC and CBSA

GCMS (Global Case Management System) notes can be generated by both IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) for different purposes, and the information contained in the notes can differ depending on the agency that generated them.


GCMS notes generated by IRCC are primarily focused on an individual’s immigration applications and status, and contain information related to biographic and biometric information, immigration history, and previous applications. IRCC GCMS notes may also include information on security and criminal background checks, medical examinations, and other relevant information related to an individual’s immigration status in Canada.


On the other hand, GCMS notes generated by CBSA are typically related to border security and enforcement, and contain information related to an individual’s border crossings, admissibility to Canada, and interactions with CBSA officers at the border. CBSA GCMS notes may also include information related to security, criminal investigations, and other enforcement actions taken by CBSA.


While both IRCC and CBSA use the same system (GCMS) to manage and maintain electronic records of an individual’s immigration and border security history, the type of information contained in the GCMS notes can differ based on the mandate and responsibilities of the respective agencies.

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